Gabe Hoffart and his team’s goal is to ensure that 100% of the clients he is entrusted to deliver not only fantastic service thru hard work & experience throughout the mortgage transaction, but forward thinking and planning to ensure that his clients are taken care of far into the future!

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Gabe Hoffart – Owner | Senior Mortgage Planner

Gabe Hoffart started his career in real estate back in 1992, while completing the Real Estate Appraisal program at Langara College. Armed with his real estate appraisal education as well as Keg waiter experience it did not take long before Gabe was selling real estate in Vancouver then in Calgary!

It was in Calgary when Gabe first found his calling in Real Estate Finance. When flipping real estate in a hot Calgary real estate market, Gabe decided to go and work for his Mortgage Broker…. who happened to be one of the top volume mortgage Brokers in the country!

Real estate brokering came to shift when presented with an opportunity to work for a Chartered Bank who was just starting in the Mortgage Brokerage market. Gabe assisted in building up a sales network for the chartered bank, resulting in building a book for the lender of over $1 Billion dollars a year in volume! Lending brought Gabe back to Vancouver, where Gabe and his wife settled roots with their three boys.

Gabe got back into the Mortgage Brokering side of the business in 2008, where he formed a very successful partnership with another Mortgage Broker. This team managed to win numerous awards, from local, regional and National awards for service and volume!

Gabe currently resides in North Vancouver where Gabe and his wife Fiona lead a very active life raising their three very active boys, Logan, Nicholas, and Tristan! Look for Gabe outside of work either at the rink or on the trails running or biking!

Samantha Berrie – Mortgage Assistant

S​am spent her first few ​post-secondary ​years working a variety of jobs; ​hostess, retail​ saleswoman​, ​bartender​,  nursing caregiver, receptionist, and executive assistant – ​all combining to give her the​ set of​ skills she​ still​ uses ​daily. She ​left that all behind during her move to North Vancouver to pursue office administration, which she has been happily doing since 2013.

She ​was​ born and raised ​in Hamilton, Ontario - leaving a big family behind when she moved to the west coast. When she’s not ​in the office​you can find her ​playing dodgeball​watching hockey (Go Canucks Go!)​volunteering at the retirement home, ​or planning her next trip.